A mix of ska, jazz, punk from the sunny south of Switzerland


Ska - Jazz - Punk

There is a natural timbre to the sound which raises a smile and taps the feet as Scutluck take over the room. Regular readers will have noticed regular forays into Switzerland and the rich seam of reggae derivatives that lie therein, it isn’t all skiing, banking and pharmaceuticals. The octet throw out some interesting variations to a theme which capture the attention. Spanning decades going back to Flappers from the ’20s right up to 90 years later Scutluck are wreathed in smiles and partying. With the extensive range of wind instruments to call upon they are able to deliver variations on a theme that skip around the room in a flurry of joy, the electric guitars and bass add a depth of quality to the material which is tempting to define as Charleston Reggae.

– Tim, Emerging Indiebands

"They got the groove."



The man for the high notes in Scutlucks brass section. While always working on a more penetrating sound for his trumpet, he’s studying medicine on the side.

"Music, which appeals to a wide audience through its versatility"


Always prepared and determined he grooves on his drums. Adaptable he can relie to pretty much every genre and has a great rhythmic repertoire. Always at it, he looks after much administrative stuff for the band.

"A melodic mix of smooth rhythms, and rock music"


Small but mighty. She always cheers Scutlucks rows up with her sunny disposition and with her trumpet of course. Although she has to look after her cows, she is always flexible and helpful and has become an essential part of the band in a short amount of time.


No matter if lead- or rhythm guitar, Ives is game for everything. Ska, Jazz or Punk, he always keeps the overview thanks to his height and knows how to motivate the band on stage and beside it.

"We develop our music continuously"


Versatile deployable no tone’s too high or too low for him to render a special touch to Scutlucks brass section. Always creative with his hand on the slide he’s in charge of the needed power behind Scutlucks brass ensemble.


He’s Scutluck’s singer and Songwriter and always comes up with creative, new stuff. His skill in writing songs is amazing. Nobody knows where he gets his brilliant ideas from. Peet always has a plan, and he loves when everything comes together. If he doesn’t write songs, he works as a teacher. The band loves creating nicknames for Peet.


Calm and concentrated she focuses primarily on the base tones. Her repertoire extends from skanky lines to smooth Jazz. On stage she let’s her calm temper change into a wild one, but always while staying concentrated and reliable.


Four cords that mean the world. His baselines are what give Scutlucks sound its ground and he knows how to let it shake too. Beside his variable Baselines he supports the Band over all in the marketing sector.


1st Concert, 1.05.2009


Openair Lax

with Open Season

Emergenza Bandcontest

1st round, Gaskessel Bern


Emergenza Bandcontest

Semi final, Gaskessel Bern

Emergenza Bandcontest

Swiss final, Bierhübeli Bern


Sommercasino Basel

with the New York Ska Jazz Ensemble

The Sideshow

LP, 16 Songs


Snowfestival Hohsaas

opening act of 77 Bombaystreet

Openair Wavejam



Openair Gampel

Cat Ulm



Openair Lax

with Bastian Baker

Sedel Luzern

opening act of Talco (IT)


Skankin‘ in the Valley

with The Offenders (IT/DE)

Openair Wavejam



One Way Ticket

LP, 10 Songs

One Take Musicvideo

One Way Ticket



Ska am Samstag - SKAMSTAG


Ska am Samstag - SKAMSTAG


Trip to Indonesia

Played some Gigs on Gili T.